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MAGNOLIA loebneri 'Leonard Messel' - Medium sized shrub with masses of pale pink flowers in spring and yellow autumn colour. Good alternative to M stellata. Best out of early morning sun to prevent frost damage. AGM
PRUNUS 'Royal Burgundy' (top worked) - Small flowering cherry with double rose pink flowers in spring. Foliage emerges bronze and turns red in summer then bronze again in autumn. Grafted onto P serrula. Grow in rich moist soil in sun. No Mail Order.
PRUNUS 'Tilstone Hellfire' - Pale pink single flowers in spring and dark red/purple autumn colour, one on the most striking recent introductions. Height after ten years. NO MAIL ORDER
FAGUS sylvatica 'Black Swan' - Compact weeping black leaved Beech, with darker foliage than other forms. For rich well drained fertile soil in sun. Height after ten years. NO MAIL ORDER
SORBUS 'Wisley Gold' - Good heavy fruiting form with golden yellow berries and good autumn colour. Most soils and situations. Height after ten years. NO MAIL ORDER
PRUNUS sargentii 'Columnaris' - Upright growing form with good bark and pink flowers in spring followed by intense autumn colour. Height after ten years. NO MAIL ORDER
EUONYMUS cornutus var. quinquecornutus - Rare slow growing shrub with eye catching five spured seed pods that split open to reveal bright orange fruits. Grafted at 45cm.
LIGUSTRUM japonicum 'Green Century' - Japanese Privet, evergreen shrub with bright green leaves and white flowers, good for screening. Best in a well drained soil.
OSTRYA carpinifolia - Large shrub or small tree with Hornbeam like leaves, turning yellow in autumn and catkins in spring. For most rich soils. Height after ten years. NO MAIL ORDER
GRISELINIA littoralis 'Green Horizon' - Selection with darker green leaves than we are used to. Leaves are slightly smaller and glossy, great for screening and informal hedging.
PIERIS japonica 'White Pearl' - White flowered form over glossy dark green leaves in early spring. Best in light shade and a slightly acidic soil.
FORSYTHIA intermedia 'Weekend' - Sorter form than many but still loaded with masses of familiar yellow flowers in spring. Most soils in sun or light shade. NO MAIL ORDER
FORSYTHIA intermedia 'Mindor' - Compact form, for a forsythia with fully clothed branches of rich yellow flowers in spring. Most soils in sun or light shade. NO MAIL ORDER
PLUM 'Marjorie's Seedling' - Good cropping late September varity on Pixie rootstalk. Eating or cooking. Self fertile. Grow in good soil in sun
PLUM 'Jubilaeum' - Good eating variety with larger fruits than 'Victoria' and a week earlier. Good cropper in mid august. Grow in good soil in sun.
GAGE (Prunus domestica) 'Oullins Golden' - Very old French variety, from 1860. Self fertile with good golden yellow fruits, suitable for preserving and eating fresh. On Pixie rootstock. AGM
PLUM 'Opal' - Grown on Pixie rootstock this reliable variety is earlier than 'Victoria' and has superb flavour. Gros good soil in sun.