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ACER shirasawanum 'Autumn Moon' Leaves start off the same lime-green as Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum' but develop tinges of pink and then in autumn, turn an oran... -
APPLE (Malus) 'Coul Blush' A mid season flowering dessert variety with gold flushed fruit and a light, pleasant tasting sweet flesh. A good apple for ex... 400 cm
APPLE (Malus) 'Galloway Pippin' A mid to late flowering dual purpose variety with brownish, yellow fruit and a firm, crisp flesh that keeps it shape when cook... 400 cm
APPLE (Malus) 'Lady of the Wemyss' A mid to late flowering cooking apple with green, flushed red fruit and firm flesh that keeps its shape when cooked. First rec... 400 cm
APPLE (Malus) 'Lord Rosebery' A mid season flowering dessert with red fushed, green fruit and crisp, creamy white flesh that has a sweet flavour compared to... 400 cm
APPLE (Malus) 'Maggie Sinclair' A mid season dual purpose variety with large fruits that have a crisp, yellowish flesh and a rich flavour. First recorded in ... 400 cm
APPLE (Malus) 'Oslin' An early flowering dessert variety with pale yellow fruit that has crisp, creamy flesh and a sweet, aromatic flavour. Known f... 400 cm
APPLE (Malus) 'Thomas Jeffrey' A mid season flowering dessert variety with a flushed, dark crimson fruit that has a tender, greenish white flesh and a sharp,... 400 cm
ARONIA prunifolia 'Viking' 'Chokeberry' with small racemes of white flowers in June followed by black berries. Good upright shrub for small gardens. Go... 180 cm
BERBERIS thunbergii 'Golden Rocket' Deciduous upright form with bright yellow leaves and red tipped new shoots. Orange autumn colour. Best in full sun and pretty ... 150 cm
BERBERIS trigona 'Orange King' Large evergreen shrub, Orange King has large flowers than the straight species. Makes an excellent back of the border subject,... 175 cm
BERBERIS valdiviana A rare evergreen shrub with yolk-yellow flowers held in long droplets from April-May. Very different from other berberis and m... 250 cm
BETULA ermanii 'Pendula' A weeping form with good white bark. Needs a bit of space to allow the crown to develop so would make a good specimen. Height ... 600 cm
BETULA nigra 'Heritage' More vigorous form of the River Birch with heavily peeling cinnamon to pink bark. Grow in moist acid soil in sun or light sha... 1500 cm
BUDDLEJA colvilei (pink form) This selection has much paler and brighter pink flowers than the species. Few only. For a sheltered spot in well drained soils... 250 cm
BUXUS sempervirens Ball 30cm 30 cm ball 30 cm
BUXUS sempervirens Ball 50cm 50 cm ball 50 cm
BUXUS sempervirens Ball 80cm Box ball - 80cm diameter 80 cm
CHILIOTRICHIUM diffusum Upright growing evergreen shrub with white daisies in late spring and early summer. Grow in well drained soil in sun. From Pat... 120 cm
CHOISYA ternata Sundance Bright yellow leaved 'Mexican Orange Blossom' with white flowers. Give it a sheltered sunny spot to do well. 120 cm

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