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Binny Plants
Binny Estate
Ecclesmachan, West Lothian
Scotland, EH52 6NL


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Awaiting Image CLEMATIS Josephine   CLEMATIS  Mrs George Jackman CLEMATIS Mrs George Jackman
2 ltr pot - £19.50   

Stunning double ornamental clematis with pink flowers and a central darker stripe from June to Septe...
2 ltr pot - £12.50   

Single and semi double white flowers in May and again in September. For moist well drained soil. AGM
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Awaiting Image CLEMATIS Vyvyan Pennell   CLEMATIS Bill MacKenzie CLEMATIS Bill MacKenzie
2 ltr pot - £12.50   

First flowers in early summer are double followed by single flowers in late summer. For moist but we...
Vigorous and free flowering for scrambling through shrubs with yellow flowers over a long period fro...
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CLEMATIS Early Sensation CLEMATIS Early Sensation   Awaiting Image CLEMATIS Jackmanii Superba
2 ltr pot - £15.00   

Evergreen climber from New Zealand with good foliage a profusion of small white flowers in spring. ...
Large dark purple flowers from mid summer to early autumn. Will tolerate light shade. Prune in early...
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Awaiting Image CLEMATIS mandschurica   Awaiting Image CLEMATIS montana Tetrarose
2 ltr pot - £12.50   

The clusters of white star-like flowers have a good scent. An excellent scrambler! Herbaceous, decid...
3 ltr pot - £9.95   

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CLEMATIS Nelly Moser CLEMATIS Nelly Moser   Awaiting Image CLEMATIS unknown mixed
2 ltr pot - £12.50   

Old favourite, with candy pink and white flowers.
4 ltr pot - £6.00   

A colleciion of unknown mixed clematis useful for covering walls or pergolas in sunny positions. Col...
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