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Binny Plants
Binny Estate
Ecclesmachan, West Lothian
Scotland, EH52 6NL


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Awaiting Image HEBE Champion   Awaiting Image HEBE Midsummer Beauty
3 ltr pot - £12.50   
5 ltr pot - £15.50   

Growing slighty wider than tall with evergreen leaves that take on good red/purple colour as it gets...
4 ltr pot - £10.50   

Easy grown shrub for a sunny well drained situation, with pale mauve flowers to 10cm long over large...
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HEBE  Youngii HEBE Youngii   Awaiting Image HEBE Ex Railway
1.5 ltr pot - £5.00   
2 ltr pot - £6.00   

Syn. H. Carl Teschner. Ground hugging plant with dark stems and violet flowers in June. For sun and ...
1 ltr pot - £4.50   

Ex railway nursery. Evergreen
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Awaiting Image HEBE Marjorie   Awaiting Image HEBE Nicola's Blush
2 ltr pot - £6.75   
3 ltr pot - £9.95   

Evergreen shrub growing wider than high with pale mauve flowers fading to white from mid to late sum...
5 ltr pot - £15.50   

Dwarf evergreen with narrow foliage and pink flowers from early summer to early autumn that fade to ...
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HEBE rakaiensis HEBE rakaiensis   HEBE Silver Queen HEBE Silver Queen
5 ltr pot - £12.50   

Low mound forming compact sp. with white flowers and light green leaves. One of the toughest Hebes.
2 ltr pot - £5.00   
10 ltr pot - £15.00   

Syn. H x franciscana Variegata. Leaves edged creamy white with purple flowers all summer long, good ...
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Awaiting Image HEBE subalpina   Awaiting Image HEBE x franciscana Variegata

See Hebe rakaiensis
See Hebe Silver Queen
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