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Binny Plants
Binny Estate
Ecclesmachan, West Lothian
Scotland, EH52 6NL


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EUONYMUS alatus EUONYMUS alatus   EUONYMUS alatus Compactus EUONYMUS alatus Compactus
10 ltr pot - £30.00   

Winged Spindle grown for stunning red autumn foliage. For full sun or light shade and moist but well...
2 ltr pot - £12.50   
10 ltr pot - £43.50   

A more dense compact form for a small garden which has the same intense crimson autumn colouring. Fo...
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EUONYMUS europaeus Red Cascade EUONYMUS europaeus Red Cascade   EUONYMUS fortunei Emerald 'n' Gold EUONYMUS fortunei Emerald 'n' Gold
3 ltr pot - £15.00   

Shrub which has beautiful rose-red fruit, held in orangy-red calyces. Red and gold autumn foliage.
2 ltr pot - £5.50   

As the name suggests, evergreen leaves of emerald margined in gold, tinged pink in the winter. Good ...
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EUONYMUS fortunei Kathy EUONYMUS fortunei Kathy   Awaiting Image EUONYMUS japonicus Aureomarginata
1.5 ltr pot - £5.50   

Small growing white variegated evergreen shrub with glossy foliage. Good for broundcover in sum of s...
1.5 ltr pot - £5.50   

Evergreen variety with large round leaves edged yellow. Slow growing and can be trimmed. Most soils ...
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Awaiting Image EUONYMUS japonicus Green Rocket      
2 ltr pot - £7.50   

Upright growing variety with small glossy dark green leaves. Makes a suitable alternative to Box hed...
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