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Binny Plants
Binny Estate
Ecclesmachan, West Lothian
Scotland, EH52 6NL


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Awaiting Image FARGESIA dracocephala   Awaiting Image FARGESIA murieliae Bimbo
4 ltr pot - £22.50   

Tall bamboo with dense flat leaves and thin stems. Good specimen in ground or in tubs. Moist soil in...
4 ltr pot - £19.50   

Smallest of the F. murieliae bamboos suitable for a pot or where space is very limited. Just as toug...
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Awaiting Image FARGESIA murieliae Jumbo   FARGESIA murieliae Simba FARGESIA murieliae Simba
1.5 ltr pot - £7.50   

Bigger and faster growing form than 'Simba'. Good bamboo for windbreak or as specimen. Moist soil in...
3 ltr pot - £14.50   

Compact bamboo for pot or as screen. Wind resistant and hardy. Moist soil in sun or light shade.
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Awaiting Image FARGESIA nitida Great Wall   Awaiting Image FARGESIA nitida Jiuzhaigou Form
2 ltr pot - £15.00   
3 ltr pot - £15.00   

This form of F. nitida is very slow spreading and like the species is extremely hardy. The young cu...
3 ltr pot - £15.00   

Form from China with more red in the stems. F. nitida is very tough and wind resistant and makes a g...
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FARGESIA rufa FARGESIA rufa   Awaiting Image FARGESIA scabrida
3 ltr pot - £12.50   
5 ltr pot - £22.50   

Recently introduced bamboo and an excellent specimen plant with fountain effect and very attractive ...
2 ltr pot - £12.50   
5 ltr pot - £25.00   

Fairly new introduction. This tough and reliable clumper in not invasive and forms a typical V-shape...
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