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Binny Plants
Binny Estate
Ecclesmachan, West Lothian
Scotland, EH52 6NL


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Awaiting Image POLYPODIUM Whitley Giant   Awaiting Image POLYPODIUM cambricum Macrostachyon
1 ltr pot - £4.50   
2 ltr pot - £7.50   

Evergreen with wide pale green fronds from creeping rhizomes, for shade and will tolerate periods of...
1 ltr pot - £5.50   

Similar and mistaken for P. Longicaudatum with its long terminal pinnae. Discovered in Ireland. Gro...
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Awaiting Image POLYPODIUM cambricum Pulcherrimum Addison   Awaiting Image POLYPODIUM formosanum
1 ltr pot - £6.75   

Form with finely cut pinnae found naturally in the lake district in the 1860's. Grow in sun or light...
2 ltr pot - £8.25   

The 'Grub' or 'Caterpillar' fern has surface creeping roots and short fronds. Will grow on roofs an...
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POLYPODIUM vulgare POLYPODIUM vulgare   Awaiting Image POLYPODIUM vulgare Bifidomultifidum
1 ltr pot - £4.00   
2 ltr pot - £6.75   

Spreading evergreen native woodland fern with deeply cut leathery fronds. Will grow in walls.
3 ltr pot - £8.75   

Evergreen and spreading with dark green fronds and hammerhead pinnae. Will grow in trees, walls and ...
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