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Binny Plants
Binny Estate
Ecclesmachan, West Lothian
Scotland, EH52 6NL


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ATHYRIUM filix-femina Frizelliae ATHYRIUM filix-femina Frizelliae   Awaiting Image ATHYRIUM filix-femina Lady in Red
2 ltr pot - £7.50   

'Irish Tattling Fern'. Distinctive form with pinnae reduced to small rounded balls. Deciduous. For m...
2 ltr pot - £12.50   

Contrasting red stems with bright green fronds on this superb plant. For light shade and poorer soil...
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Awaiting Image ATHYRIUM filix-femina Ocean's Fury   ATHYRIUM filix-femina Victoriae ATHYRIUM filix-femina Victoriae
1 ltr pot - £5.00   

Upright growing silver fronded selection with crested pinnae and red stems, for light shade and mois...
2 ltr pot - £6.75   

Good form of Lady Fern with very narrow pinnae that overlap at right angles like crosses. Likes mois...
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ATHYRIUM Ghost ATHYRIUM Ghost   ATHYRIUM nip. var. pictum ATHYRIUM nip. var. pictum
2 ltr pot - £12.50   

Lady x Painted Fern with longer grey green fronds than the normal Painted Fern. A bit special this o...
1 ltr pot - £6.00   

Silver green fronds with wine red midrib. Although hardy needs some winter protection. For moist li...
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Awaiting Image ATHYRIUM nip. var. pictum Apple Court   Awaiting Image ATHYRIUM nip. var. pictum Red Beauty
2 ltr pot - £12.50   

Beautiful silver leaved fern with crested pinnae tips and red stems. For light shade and moist soils
1 ltr pot - £4.50   

Compact form of the Painted Fern with red stems and veining on the silver variegated fronds. Needs m...
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Awaiting Image ATHYRIUM nip. var. pictum Regal Red   ATHYRIUM otophorum var. oakanum ATHYRIUM otophorum var. oakanum
2 ltr pot - £9.95   

Deciduous Lady Fern for light shade and moist soil with greay green foliage and a red midrib.
1 ltr pot - £5.00   
2 ltr pot - £8.25   

Delightful fern with grey/green leaves and wine red midribs. For moist sheltered shade. Semi-decidu...
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