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Binny Plants
Binny Estate
Ecclesmachan, West Lothian
Scotland, EH52 6NL


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CARDAMINE bulbifera CARDAMINE bulbifera   Awaiting Image CARDAMINE heptaphylla
1 ltr pot - £4.00   

Rare native Coralroot with dark pink flowers and bulbils in the leaf axils. Grow in moist soil in l...
1 ltr pot - £4.50   

(syn C. pinnata) Clump former for a spring woodland garden with white flowers. Happy in shade and ri...
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CARDAMINE kitaibelii CARDAMINE kitaibelii   Awaiting Image CARDAMINE macrophylla
1 ltr pot - £4.50   

Woodland perennial with yellow flowers from March to April. For leafy soil in light shade.
9cm pot - £3.50   

Similar to C pentaphylla with darker flowers and a wee bit later. Good reliable spring flowering woo...
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CARDAMINE raphanifolia CARDAMINE raphanifolia   Awaiting Image CARDAMINE trifolia
1 ltr pot - £4.00   

Similar to C. pratensis but altogether bigger with purple flowers in June. You can eat the leaves in...
9cm pot - £3.25   

Evergreen groundcover for shade with white flowers in spring.
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Awaiting Image CARDAMINE waldsteinii   Awaiting Image CARDAMINE yezoensis
9cm pot - £3.50   

Good woodland groundcover with sprays of white flowers in spring. Grow in soil that does not dry out...
1.5 ltr pot - £6.50   

Slow spreading species with white flowers over glossy green leaves. Flowers from spring into summer....
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