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Binny Plants
Binny Estate
Ecclesmachan, West Lothian
Scotland, EH52 6NL


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ARISAEMA concinnum ARISAEMA concinnum   ARISAEMA consanguineum ARISAEMA consanguineum
2 ltr pot - £7.50   

Stunner with radiating foliage on long stems. Spathe green/purple with white stripes. May-June. Plan...
bare root - £9.95   
1 ltr pot - £8.25   

Brown tinged green hooded spathe with white stripes followed by red berries under a solitary palmate...
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ARISAEMA flavum ARISAEMA flavum   Awaiting Image ARISAEMA flavum subsp. abbreviatum
9cm pot - £3.75   
1 ltr pot - £5.50   

Elegant small yellow flowered species with a sharply bent hood. Flowers are slighty scented. For a m...
One of the smaller flowering species with yellow slighlty scented flowers
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Awaiting Image ARISAEMA griffithi var. pradhanii   ARISAEMA nepenthoides ARISAEMA nepenthoides
2 ltr pot - £12.50   

A stunning member of the genus with probably the largest flower. Green & purple heavily veined flowe...
bare root - £9.95   
1 ltr pot - £7.50   

Very dark flowered form with Cobra shaped spathe mottled and white striped on reverse. Short green s...
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ARISAEMA speciosum ARISAEMA speciosum   ARISAEMA utile ARISAEMA utile
2 ltr pot - £7.50   

Purple and white striped spathe is held below the three segmented leaf in late spring. Plant deep i...
2 ltr pot - £6.75   

The huge chestnut red spathes appear at the same time as the rather course trifoliate leaves in late...
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