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Binny Plants
Binny Estate
Ecclesmachan, West Lothian
Scotland, EH52 6NL


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ERYTHRONIUM  Kinfauns Pink ERYTHRONIUM Kinfauns Pink   ERYTHRONIUM californicum White Beauty ERYTHRONIUM californicum White Beauty
9cm pot - £4.50   

White Beauty/revolutum hybrid from Susan Band with pale pink pendulous reflexed petals. Very limited...
1 ltr pot - £4.50   

Creamy white flowers with a red basal ring over lightly mottled foliage in spring. Needs leafy well ...
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ERYTHRONIUM dens-canis ERYTHRONIUM dens-canis   Awaiting Image ERYTHRONIUM dens-canis Pale Pink Form
9cm pot - £3.50   

Native 'Dog Tooth Violet' with pink flowers over mottled foliage. Early flowering with pink blooms i...
9cm pot - £3.50   

Pale pink form of our native 'Dogs Tooth Violet'. Grow in well drained soil in sun or light shade.
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Awaiting Image ERYTHRONIUM grandiflorum   ERYTHRONIUM Pagoda ERYTHRONIUM Pagoda
9cm pot - £5.00   

Large yellow flowers in spring. Needs moist but well drained soil when flowering and dryish in summe...
9cm pot - £3.50   
1 ltr pot - £4.00   

Marbled leaves and hanging sulphur yellow lily-shaped flowers with reflexed petals. Good sized bulbs...
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ERYTHRONIUM revolutum ERYTHRONIUM revolutum      
9cm pot - £4.00   

Stems with up to four pink flowers in with yellow anthers over mottled leaves in spring. Needs leaf...
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